Algarve 2019


Zaterdag, 20 april 2019
Eens wat anders…
Emma liet vallen dat ze tijdens haar weekje herfstvakantie wel naar de Algarve zou willen.
Maar ja, wie wil en kan er dan mee? Als Mariecke gevraagd wordt begint ze eerst te zeuren en dus vroeg Renée of ik dan met haar naar de Algarve zou willen. Tja, waarom niet?!
We zijn dan net een weekje terug van onze reis met camper in Amerika en dan kan ik weer gaan. Ik denk dat ik mijn reistas dan maar gewoon ingepakt laat.

Gisteren heb ik de vluchten geboekt. Er vliegen 2 maatschappijen van Nantes naar Faro. Volotea was echter geen optie want die vliegen midden in de nacht.
Dus werd het Transavia. De heenvlucht is op een hele mooie tijd en voor de terugvlucht moeten we alleen wat vroeger opstaan. Ach ja, is niet erg.
We vliegen heen op 27 oktober en komen op 3 november weer terug.

Na heel wat gezoek op heel veel websites heb ik wat leuke en betaalbare appartementen gevonden.
Een leuk appartement met 2 slaapkamers, een groot terras met uitzicht en lekker centraal gelegen in de Algarve voor onze uitstapjes.

Nu alleen nog een auto boeken en routes uitstippelen.




Zaterdag, 11 mei 2019
Autootje en een wijziging
Zo, de auto is geboekt. Ik heb een type Fiat Panda geboekt via Zest Car Rental. We hebben al eerder via hun geboekt en ze zijn bekend vanwege hun goede service.

De eerste vluchtwijziging is ook al binnen. We vliegen nu rond 2 uur ’s middags terug naar Nantes. Wel zo fijn want dan hoeven we niet voor dag en dauw uit het appartement en kunnen het lekker op ons gemak doen.

We hebben besloten om een boottochtje te doen langs de rotskust van de Algarve maar die boek ik pas iets voor we vertrekken zodat ik een beetje kan zien wat het weer gaat doen. We willen tenslotte niet met slecht weer op een boot zitten. Ook willen we kijken of we kunnen gaan trotten. Emma heeft dat nog nooit gedaan en ik vind dit altijd wel leuk om te doen.

Zondag, 27 oktober 2019

Zjwien goes to Portugal
It wasn't the earliest the humans had ever left for one of their trips. Thank the plushie Gods, I had a semblance of a sleep in the morning. But after that, into the suitcase I went. I didn't see the light of day again until airport security when Emma had to take that heavy backpack off my back. I tried to scream for help at that point because I was well and truly suffocating in that suitcase, but no one paid me any mind. I saw the sun a few more times, whenever Emma had to put her backpack back in or to take it out again. Aside from that, I didn't see a lot. Not yet at least.

I was finally let out of my prison once we made it to the apartment. I share a room with Emma (as usual), and though there are two beds, she insists on us sharing one. She did put me up on the window ledge to enjoy the view. And what a view it is. The last time I saw the sea was during our bike rides around Lacanau. It was a good view. Hopefully, I'll get to see more of Portugal over the next few days and not just the apartment. Though, after the ladies have left, I would have the place to myself. I bet I could figure out how the TV works.
Here's to hoping.

To Portugal We Go

There have been earlier mornings when going on vacation. But, the plane didn't leave until 12:30 (or was supposed to). This meant that we could leave home a little later. And once we dropped of the car at Izipark, we could basically hop right into their minivan and off we were. Honestly, I don't think I've ever dropped of bags and gone through security as fast as we did today. There were basically no lines. Then, of course, we had to wait about two hours before we could get on the plane. 

The plane was late coming out of Alger, meaning we got to wait a little longer. And then the two hour flight to Faro, Algarve, Portugal. It was my first time flying with Transavia but not Jacky's. Honestly, aside from the fact that I had no idea where we were because there were a lot of clouds and there is no Track My Flight option in non-trans-Atlantic flights, there wasn't much to say. We suspect we flew just on the Portuguese side of the border with Spain. There was a really long river, and apparently a river makes up the border. It is totally possible.



When arriving at Faro airport, I thought it would be about the size of Nantes Airport, you know, a smallish regional airport. But the place was pretty big. The first thing I noticed when stepping out of the "slurf" (after a quick Google search, Jacky was able to tell me it was a gangway) was the smell; PIZZA. Not the worst smell to have upon arrival. After that, you follow the signs SAIDA which is like Salida but just slightly different. The whole Portuguese language seems to be like Spanish but slightly different; it's just weird. Anyway, the airport seemed really empty. The arrivals hall was huge though, which can't be said of the one in Nantes. Our bags came relatively quickly, and getting the car didn't take long either.

We get to drive (Jacky gets to drive) a black Peugeot 108 that almost still has the new car smell. Barely 6.000km on the meter. We had a few difficulties with the Miep, who never works as she is supposed when she is supposed but Jacky fixed that issue... somehow. And then the long and rather boring drive from Faro airport to the apartment in Porches Velho. It is a long road with the Miep telling us every two or three kilometers that in eight hundred meters we need to take the second exit (go straight) on the roundabout.

It was supposed to be the scenic route, but I'm pretty sure the scenic route is supposed to be pretty and this wasn't really pretty. The only thing I thought was kinda cool were the orange vendors on the side of the road; 3 nets of oranges for 5euro at every single one. We drove past a Lidl, which was open, and there was a "Hollandse supermarkt" across the road, which wasn't open but that we might go back to because what self-respecting Dutch person, not having access to Dutch products, wouldn't?

We were driving through a ghost town on the way to the apartment and then we got stuck behind the tourist train for about 800 meters and then we made it to the apartment complex and we said adios to the train. The building had the weirdest elevator. It's small but it also has an outside door but no actual elevator door. When it goes up or down, you see the other doors just passing by. But all the codes worked without problem, and connecting to the wifi was easy.

We did a tour of the apartment, which is pretty nice. If I have something like this once I'm done with school, I'll be pretty damn ecstatic. The only thing in the kitchen is that there is no space to put your things. One wall is completely tiled with big black tiles and Jacky and I both tried to see if they were actually cabinets. They are not. We unpacked and then went to do some grocery shopping at the Intermarché next door. 

Portugal is so damn cheap! It's not fair. Why do we have to live the in the most expensive country of Europe. We got some chicken and pork for barely anything. The pineapples are three times the size but less than half the price of what they are in France. Okay, I'll admit, the store was confusing and slightly disorganized. We also got Chocomel; it doesn't exactly say "de enige echte" but it might as well. It is delish, though I'm going to try to keep that as my morning beverage. Also, Philadelphia cream cheese with salmon. Good, though Jacky's salmon mousse is better.

And the Brits. Just one look at the people around you in the supermarket and you can tell where they are from. And then they open their mouth and you know for sure. At the checkout, the girl just spoke in English to us before we even said anything. With a very British accent.

We had dinner outside, a New Yorker salad for dinner, with cheddar cheese bits, fried onions, croutons and lardons... and a not so very nice dressing but a generous serving of it. And Jacky cooked two chicken breast so it was basically a complete meal. I had a look at the TV afterward, to see if we could cast Dutch TV onto it but when I couldn't figure it out after the initial five minutes, I gave up. There are a few books in the apartment, and I found one within twenty minutes of arriving that I claimed as my own. It's been in my to-read-list since probably way back in 2012 or something. Jacky just had a look and pulled out three she claimed and squirreled away to her bedroom. We haven't even been here for 24 hours and we already have new books, haha.

Onto to tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will be okay in the morning. And we have to be back a little earlier in the afternoon because I have a WhatsApp interview with a hotel in Brussels.